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Taika Cans hanging out with some orbs, desktop crop.Taika Cans hanging out with some orbs, mobile crop.
Simply Put, Taika Is...

Coffee & Matcha,

Creativity Comes In Many Flavors.

Good news, so does Taika.

Macadamia LatteMacadamia Latte

Macadamia Latte

Like coffee ice cream, with zero sugar.

Matcha LatteMatcha Latte

Matcha Latte

Creamy, dreamy, matcha.

Mocha LatteMocha Latte

Mocha Latte

Decadent, sophisticated, smooth.

Oat Milk LatteOat Milk Latte

Oat Milk Latte

Creamy, dreamy, oats.

Black CoffeeBlack Coffee

Black Coffee

No sugar, no milk, no frills.

The Sampler Comes With Three Flavors.

Overwhelmed by choice? Love variety? Try our best sellers. Macadamia, Matcha, and Oat Milk lattes, delivered straight to you for $14.95.

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Matcha Latte canMacadamia Latte canOat Milk Latte can
Taika Matcha can and matcha powderTaika Match can and powder

Made to Make You —

Inspired, Not Wired.

Award Winning Taste

Taika brings you magically smooth concoctions that are creamy, dreamy, and indulgent – all at once.

Balanced Energy, Sharp Clarity

Elevate your energy levels with Taika's proprietary adaptogen blend, for a focused, creative state of mind.

Zero Added Sugar

Naturally sweetened with Monk Fruit, Taika is the creative fuel your mind and body deserve.

Try a Sampler
Matcha Latte canMatcha Latte canMatcha Latte can

Three Matcha Lattes are better than one.

Try three cans of delicious, creamy, creativity inducing Matcha Lattes. Boosted with adaptogens, ceremonial grade matcha, and no added sugar.

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